Cosmolle: clothes for your new version

Hey guys, how are you?

Like every beginning of the year, doing some sport or creating a new habit must have entered the list of goals for many people. Wanting to be the best version of yourself is always one of the biggest wishes at the beginning of the year, but it is almost always left by the wayside.

One of the tips for achieving the goal of being able to move more without having to go to a heavier training routine at the gym is to try lighter exercises like pilates or yoga so your body can adapt to the routine. The good thing about these two options is that you can start alone at home and then move on to group or private lessons.

Like any physical activity, you need the right equipment and I brought you a tip on Cosmolle pieces so you can choose your own clothes for your new version.

Cosmolle is a brand that values beauty and comfort. Its pieces feature fabrics with less sewing and threads, 3D printed pieces and breathable fabrics. Made by women and for women, Cosmolle guarantees comfort in pieces of all sizes. In addition to shipping worldwide, it also accepts several card flags.

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Let's start by talking about the brand's yoga suits. The AirWear Long Sleeve & High-Waist Legging Set is made with ecological fabric and recycled nylon, the model has no front seams and has a seam to lift the butt. This model has a fabric that gives the feeling of a second skin, and this lightness makes it more comfortable when exercising, in addition to having holes in the sleeves to keep it in place. Perfect for moving around without fear of marking or getting out of place.

If you prefer a sleeveless and short version, the Bra & Bike Shorts Set model is perfect for you. It follows the same descriptions as the other model, in addition to having good bust support giving a shockproof effect, it has a racerback style neckline and back. The bottom has the highest waist and is good for compressing the belly, in addition to having the choice of 3 model colors and options in 6 sizes.

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I really like the long sleeve legging set model because it allows for good movement and also for not leaving the body marked. It is essential to have this security in your physical practices to avoid hassles.

A curiosity about the brand is that in the production of their pieces, they use fish scales that, after purification and chemical processes, are transformed into collagen polyamide threads and they take this thread fused with collagen, it is woven and printed in a 3D way, becoming the smooth lines of the piece. In addition, all pieces are packaged in 100% recycled paper. The brand unites fashion with sustainability by delivering durable products.

If you want comfortable and eco-friendly models, Cosmolle pieces are perfect for your version this year. Remembering that they give 60 days guarantee for return and on their website there are also discounts.

And you, did you already know Cosmolle? Did you like the pieces?


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  1. Great to know! Love the colors! & great philosophy!

  2. Fabulous post! Great to know and a good goal for this year in clothing!

  3. Oi!
    Não conhecia a marca, mas ando adorando essas peças que são feitas sem costuras com tecido respirável.


  4. As peças são bonitas e bem confortáveis.

  5. Eu adorei essas roupas porque parecem ser super confortáveis! ótima postagem!

    Beijoo ;*

  6. Boas dicas, usar roupas com conforto faz muita diferença
    Alécia, do Blog ArroJada Mix

  7. Oi.
    Amei os modelos de roupas de academia, parece que ficam bem confortáveis.

  8. Que peças mais incríveis, eu amei conhecer.
    Estou com pesquisa de público no blog se quiser responder, eu agradeço.
    Big Beijos

  9. Peças incríveis e a loja também! :)



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