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I've talked here a few times about bodysuit shaper  and how to care for it, what it's for and everything else.

Belts are increasingly common in women's daily lives, and it's a behavior that doesn't come from today. Even before the corset, there were those wide belts to understand the belly and it was not for women's exclusive use, since the general idea of the belt is compression and it also helps with posture. Throughout history, the shapewear has been reinvented, in some periods abandoned as a symbol of empowerment and returning as an aid to women in the 21st century. Today, we can see that the shapewear is almost like a synthesis of the idea of feminism, "if a woman wants to use it, that's ok. If a woman doesn't want to use it, that's ok too. Everyone has their right to choose".

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The full body shapewear model  is like a second skin, and as it is a complete piece, it is great for those who like a more discreet appearance that will not mark their clothes. It is also a great option for postpartum.

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This model is great to wear with low-cut dresses or tighter pieces. It will not curl or create bends on the move.

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Shaping Shorts 

Straps in shorts or leggings are great for compressing your thighs and are also perfect for wearing with loose clothing where your legs can rub.

DuraFits is an online store with several models of shaping straps that seeks to bring comfort and self-esteem. In the store, you will find several models and sizes to find the right one for you. DuraFits delivers worldwide and accepts a variety of card brands.

Modeling belts came to help, whatever their purpose, but it is worth remembering that compression models with fins must be used carefully, avoiding spending too much time in use so as not to cause breathing problems and the like. Also always remember to choose the right size, do not choose smaller sizes, otherwise it will not bring the expected result and also combine use with a healthy diet and physical exercise.

And you, have you ever used a shapewear?


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  1. Essa loja é muito maravilhosa, fico desejando vários itens dela


  2. Very cool, but I will pass on this one.

  3. Looks very intriguing, but I have not tried these.

  4. So glad you posted these. Lots to select from.

  5. Olá, amei as peças dessas loja muito bonita.

  6. oie, amei as peças dessa loja são toda bonitas.

  7. Sou curiosa para testar esse em formato body!

  8. Ainda não usei o modelador, mas acho linda a peça, as cintas ajudam muito a modelar o corpo bjs.

  9. Gostei das sugestões.
    Não sabia que cada modelo tinha uma função diferente.

  10. Ótimas dicas e boas sugestões.
    Estou agora usando a minha. rs

  11. Acho que este tipo de cintas ajuda muito a melhorar a silhueta!

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