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In partnership with Sculptshe, today we are going to talk about the darling piece of celebrities and women in general: The shapewear. 

The shapewear have been known to women for a long time. Historically, they were pieces that are under several other pieces, popularly known as corsets, later it was incorporated in the post-surgical and in recent years it has returned to aesthetic use and training aid. 

As said, the straps help in the postoperative period, but they also help with posture problems and to thin the waist. There are several models of shapewear for different types of bodies, since each person wants a personal result. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to know how to choose the size that is perfect for you and pay attention to how the garment looks when you are sitting and standing to have a real benefit. 

Sculptshe is a brand that offers shaping girdles and post-surgical and postpartum compression garments in various designs and sizes. The brand ships to several countries and purchases over US$ 70 come with free shipping.

There are several types of shapewear, such as the most well-known compression belt that is in the belly region, in the shapewear bodysuits that helps in the compression of the belly and in the elevation of the breasts, the belly compression belt in the shape of panties, in the shape of a shorts to help reduce thighs and lift the buttocks and even in the form of leggings that help with belly compression. Each type adapts to the desired occasions and clothes to wear. 

Main reasons to use shapewear

 -Helps create the desired silhouette 

-Helps for a high stomach 

-Helps prevent leg rubbing

-Assists in post-surgical skin compression 

-Helps in posture 

Shapewear for training stimulate the thermal activity of the skin and increase perspiration and will also help with posture to improve the routine. 

I separated 4 Sculptshe models that are perfect for different occasions, let's see?

Sculptshe High Waisted Seamless

This Sculptshe High Waisted Seamless model helps both in the belly region and thighs and butt. It is seamless, which makes it invisible on clothing and can be used for both dresses and pants. This model gives an hourglass appearance. 

Sculptshe Seamless Tummy Control 

With the Sculptshe Seamless Tummy Control  you can compress the belly, avoid friction and soften the thighs and lift the butt, this model also has handles that help with posture. This model combines with different types of clothes and sculpts the body giving the right curves. 

It is available in two colors and four sizes. 

Sculptshe Open-Bust Catsuit 

The Sculptshe Open-Bust Catsuit  model is perfect for long dresses, it has a chest support and prevents chafing, as well as full body compression garment. The size can be adjusted, and can be worn with shorter dresses or shorts. Available in 6 sizes and one color. 

Sculptshe Lace Up Underbust

The Sculptshe Lace Up Underbust  is a corset that is being popularly worn at parties and various occasions. Made with polyester and latex, in addition to tying in the front, it has a zipper at the back and in addition to being used to sculpt the body, it can be used in costumes and cosplay. 

Available in seven sizes. 

It is important to always choose the proper size of the shapewear and always respect the time limit of use to avoid unwanted effects. 

At Sculptshe, in addition to having beautiful models, they also accept several payment methods and always have a discount coupon available.

 What about you, do you like modeling straps? 


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  6. That Sculptshe Lace Up Underbust corset looks very attractive and very fashionable.
    I should very seriously think about purchasing one to style with blouse and panty modelling review posts on my blog!



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