Gothic and Lolita

Gothic fashion is a style of clothing with antiquated, homogeneous, dark, and mysterious features. The fashion is borrowed from Elizabethans and Victorians.

What is the Gothic style?

The typical Gothic fashion comprises of dark lipstick, dyed black hair and dark clothes. The goths, both male and female, wear black or any dark nail polish with dark eyeliner. The other features include laced black clothes, black hair, pale skin, or corset lace. All these features make them look gothic.

Origin of Gothic style


Gothic also implies barbaric. It has originated from German East Goth tribes. These are associated with the Gothic subculture.

Gothic dress characteristics

Stark black clothes identify Gothic fashion. It is embedded with elements like black laces, black velvets, leather tinged purple or scarlet, fishnets, and black frills. They are accessorized with precarious stilettos, laced corsets, silver jewellery, gloves, and elements of occult/religious themes.

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Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita or Gosu Rori, (as in Japanese) fuses Lolita and Gothic fashions. The fashion style has originated in Harajuku back in the late 1900s.


Gothic Lolita Fashion


Gothic Lolita fashion is identified with dark clothing and makeup. The eyes are defined neatly or in smokey touch with red lipstick. This is created by making use of black eyeliner. These are typical characteristics of Gothic Lolita fashion. There are some sub-styles of Lolita where the overall look is kept natural. Gothic is linked to a white powdered face, but the current fashion trend of Lolita is improvised.

Gothic and Gothic Lolita differ by blending the street styles of Harajuku with other worldly fashions. It is a hybrid of Non-Western and Western cultures of the 1990s. It connects the Japanese concept to the European historical style. Lolita is a Japanese subculture that is influenced by Rococo styles and Victorian clothing. It is neither of both but a blend of both styles. These dresses are cute and typical.

There are three categories of sub-styles:

·        Gothic

·        Classic

·        Sweet

Other sub-styles include:

·        Sailor

·        Hime -princess

·        Oriental

·        Ero- erotic

·        Country

·        Guro- grotesque

·        Punk

·        Kuro - black

·        Shiro- white

·        Steampunk

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Lolita Dressing style-Outfit


Lolita fashion's fundamental items are:


·        A good blouse

·        A skirt /Jumper skirt

·        Bloomers

·        A petticoat

·        A head accessory

·        Socks

·        Shoes

The primary feature in Lolita Fashion is the skirt volume. This is created by donning a crinoline or a petticoat. The skirt is usually Aline or Bell-shaped. A Lolita dress has components that consist of a blouse primarily. The blouse is generally short or long-sleeved. The blouse is with a knee-length skirt or dress.

These dresses are often worn with accessories such as headwear or wigs in combination. The headwear can be a bonnet or hair bows. Gothic Lolita is also worn with Victorian drawers below their petticoats. It is further added with ankle socks, knee socks, and tights. They are worn with flat shoes or high heels that are attached with a bow. One-piece and Jumper skirts are other typical Lolita fashioned garments. Check out accessories like shoes, wigs of different styles/colours, hair bands, and so on.

Different style coordination of Lolita Outfit

Blouse-A blouse is used in a different mix and match options to different outfits. Blouse generally has a round Peter Pan collar style with ribbon/lace accents in short or long sleeves combinations.

Skirt/Jumper skirt-The skirt is knee or above knee lengths. Petticoat can be worn underneath to give a roomy bell-shape look. They come in ribbon or lace accents and in solid colours with unique prints. The brands can be selected according to your style and preference.

Petticoats-Different types of petticoats ranging from organza to tulle-make are available. They come in solid colours and are poufy with the cute shape of a cupcake. It seamlessly fits below your skirt.

Bloomers- These are another crucial outfit elements for Gothic Lolita. The bloomers make the outfit comfortable to wear by avoiding the petticoat to rub against the legs. They are an important Lolita outfit staple that cannot be overlooked.

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Head Accessories- Lolita fashion can be accessorized with a wide range of cute headpieces that add a unique touch to your outfit. They are worn according to your dress style and taste. There are hair clips, head bows, headdresses, bonnets, and hair combs to match with you outfit.Let’s see more Hair clips for lolita girls.

Socks- Shoes: A pair of tights, socks, and shoes adds to the outfit. There are thigh lengths, knee lengths, tights, and ankle socks to choose from in Lolita fashion. The shoes are worn come with a slight heel or flat shoes and buckles.


Lolita has been difficult to get public acceptance in certain nations as everyday clothing. Some users consider it an exaggerated dress. It is considered a childish improvisation of various outfits by some of the public. It certainly causes unnecessary glare and stares if you wear it as daily wear in the street. Lolita is believed to be a Japanese manifestation of comics, animation, and games by some unaware of its origin. So, it is used in cosplay events and as a costume for particular events. Some consider it to be a global culture mixing. Wearing it and not over-accessorizing it is much better, and keeping it close to natural look is considered best when you wear it otherwise. Check out Fashion Sexy Black Strapless Dress Gothic Lolita Dress



Lolita fusion has a blended style of Japanese culture and European culture. It adds the cultural elements that are local to the origin into the design of the dress. This way, it spreads its design and culture to other nations. However, Lolita has taken many forms, and each area has a variant style of Lolita. It is unique and has various components that can be mixed and matched with various accessories to enhance the overall Lolita look. It is a popular style and fashion of local culture that has found a unique place in the clothing industry.

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